Marine Products and Services

Falcon Offshore Marine Services Oil & Gas is the premier name in Project Development, Project Management, Engineering, Inspection, Consultancy, Procurement and Supply, in Marine, Inshore/ Offshore oil and Gas Fields with high reputation for innovation, excellence and versatility.

Falcon Offshore Marine Services Oil & Gas is one of few companies of its type which has the combination of Marine, Onshore/ Offshore Engineering skills as well as Procurement and Supply of Marine, oil, gas, chemical & petrochemical Equipments under one roof.

Falcon Offshore Marine Services Oil & Gas  vision is to become a reputable and innovative company which consistently delivers his services beyond his customers expectation by rendering high quality services to its customers while earning competitive returns.      

Project development and managing service:

Falcon Offshore Marine Services Oil & Gas provides Project Development and Management Services for a broad spectrum of Marine, Off shore/Onshore, Oil and Gas services including:

  • Subsea oil and gas pipes inspection and maintenance.
  • Pre-laying engineering
  • Post-lay Engineering
  • Pre-lay Inspection
  • Post-lay inspection                 

Falcon Offshore Marine Services Oil & Gas can perform Turnkey Project Managements on all above sectors as well as new installations and refurbishments.


Marine consultancy

  • Consulting on marine casualty and dispute
  • Collision & grounding incidents investigation.
  • Salvage & towage consultancy.
  • Towage seaworthiness.
  • Investigation in cargo & shipping disputes.
  • Consulting on issue of pollution.
  • Pollution incident investigation.
  • Pollution emergency response.
  • Consulting on claims of compensation for pollution damage.
  • Supervision & consultancy in the construction of sea/river transport such as passenger vessels, oil tankers, cargo vessels, pilot boats, landing crafts, patrol boats, barges, etc.
  • Study, planning, design, supervision  & inspection of the construction/structure of marine facilities & infrastructure such as jetties, piers, ports, dockyards etc.
  • Technical advise on purchase, building, repair, selling or demolishing (scrapping) of the vessels.
  • Technical advise for maintenance & upkeep of equipments or machinery.
  • Feasibility study for various project in the industry & economic activities.
  • Environmental study and other relevant studies of various development project.
  • Supervision of development projects particularly pertaining to funds utilization i.e. bank and/or financial agencies.
  • Consultancy in general or other functional management.

Marine Inspection & Survey Services

For ships:

  • Condition & valuation surveys
  • Pre-purchase survey
  • Sale & purchase survey
  • Casualty survey
  • Hull & machinery damage survey
  • Draft survey
  • On/off hire condition and bunkering survey
  • Repair cost assessment
  • Towing & lashing survey
  • Technical inspection for vessels or other sea/river transport as well as marine facilities, infrastructure


For cargoes:

  • Pre-loading/discharging inspections for bulk   cargoes such as oil, chemical, rice, maize, steel coils/pipes, logs & soybean, etc
  • Draft survey
  • Outturn survey
  • Cargo damage assessment and liability  investigation
  • Heavy cargo transportation consultancy
  • Cargo condition survey & cargo superintendence
  • Weighing, measurements and other quality    determinations
  • Quality assurance survey comprising of sampling, laboratory analysis, cargo worthiness and contamination
  • Stability calculation
  • Cargo securing plan
  • Super cargo system services
  • Inspection of cargo on behalf of the overseas  client to ascertain conformity of the following:

 1. identification of goods

 2. quantity & quality

 3. documentation

 4. packaging

 5. shipment

 6. marking

  • Port captaincy
  • Inspection prior to L/C opening worldwide

For property:

  • Warehouse and cargo handling facilities surveys and consultancy
  • Heavy lift and waterfront load inspections
  • Shore tank inspection & calibration
  • Port/jetty construction survey & evaluation program



Falcon Offshore Marine Services Oil & Gas have established a successful track record in the provision of marine specialist services for marine & offshore operations including transportations and general marine logistics.

The capability is based upon the provision of experienced personnel who can, if necessary, take full responsibility for the conduct of operations whilst at the same time providing the required specialist assurance services.

This capability can be produced equally to those clients who wish to totally out source their marine management requirements or those who require specialist support. Typical services include the provision of:

  • Marine Procedures
  • Vessel Surveys
  • Tow master
  • Marine Representatives
  • DP Auditors and specialists
  • Marine Risk Studies
  • Accident and Incident Investigations
  • Transport Manuals
  • Naval Architectural Support
  • Project Support & Supervision