Offshore Survey Services


Falcon Offshore Marine Services Oil & Gas is located in Hamriyah Free Zone , Sharjah and  was  established  to  offer   Clients an alternative service  provider in the Middle East delivering cost effective solutions, quality  results through proven  technology  and  innovative solutions  to  the Oil  &  Gas Operators  and   Offshore   Construction Contractors   from initial  project  conception  through  to  life of field with the long  term focus  being  on Inspection Repair and Maintenance Support.

Falcon Offshore Marine Services Oil & Gas is led by a highly motivated management team, supported by an international and multi-disciplined staff to support its offshore activities, who strive to meet our clients' needs and have extensive experience providing Survey, Positioning &ROV Services, Inspection Services, Construction Support, Rig and other marine structures movement, Vessel management  to the offshore industry.


Rig Movement

  • Arranging with international organizations.
  • Survey of locations before movement.
  • Engineering of movement.
  • Supplying required vessel for movement.
  • Movement Operation management.
  • Receiving Insurance certificates after completing the operation.
  • Cooperation with international organizations like, London Offshore, Nobel Denton and Inter Ocean UK.

Vessel Management

Falcon Offshore Marine Services Oil & Gas owns and operates three vessels and undertakes the managed services on behalf of our Clients covering the spectrum focusing on vessel performance, crewing, logistic, safe and environmentally sound operations, high quality maintenance programs and achieving customer goals. In the context of Vessel Management Falcon can provide the below services:

  • Crewing
  • Chartering
  • Maintenance
  • Safety System
  • Quality System
  • Logistics Support
  • Consultancy, applying and supervise for marine operation of vessels.
  •  Consultancy, applying and supervise for Purchasing vessel and shipbuilding operations.
  •  Receiving Insurance certificates and other documents that are related to the operation.
  • Vessel registry affairs.

ROV Services

Falcon Offshore Marine Services Oil & Gas has acquired the DP 1 Vessel “Offshore Supporter” along with a Work Class ROV System “Swift XL 09”, both assets with previous operational Track Record in the region, to provide advanced survey and inspection services.

Falcon Offshore Marine Services Oil & Gas is well experienced in providing the following ROV Services:


  • Seabed Survey
  • Touchdown Monitoring
  • As-Built Survey
  • Debris Clearance Survey
  • Debris Removal
  • Crossing Installation Support
  • As Laid survey
  • Free Span Rectification
  • Pipe Line Inspection
  • Jacket & Anode Survey
  • Out-Of-Straightness -OOS
  • Mud Mats survey

Geophysical Survey Service

Falcon Offshore Marine Services Oil & Gas also owns and manages Geophysical Vessel, which is fully mobilized to perform all type of Geophysical Survey Projects.

  • Pre – Engineering Survey
  • Pre Installation Survey
  • Debris Clearance Survey
  • Free Span Detection
  • As-Built Survey
  • LBL Metrology
  • Seabed Sapling with Drop Core and Grab
  • Seismic Survey
  • UOX Survey
  • Topographic Land Survey

Positioning Services

Falcon Offshore Marine Services Oil & Gas utilizes the latest in surface and underwater Positioning Systems to ensure delivering high accuracy and high reliability during the execution of projects both above and below the surface. The positioning services are as follow:

  • Barge & Tug Positioning
  • Jacket Installation Positioning
  • Rig Positioning
  • Pipe Lay Positioning
  • Underwater Diver Positioning
  • Underwater Positioning

Diving Services


Falcon Offshore Marine Services Oil & Gas provides diving services in two areas of a) inspection and maintenance of underwater structures and b) floating operation and rescue diving.



  • Inspection and maintenance of underwater structures
    • Ricer and Spool Piece installation
    • PLEM installation and maintenance
    • SPM installation and maintenance
    • Free Span Rectification
    • Underwater welding and cutting
    • Platforms, pipelines, jackets, and ports inspection
    • Anode installation on pipelines and jackets
    • Oil and gas platforms maintenance
    • Underwater imaging and video tapping
    • Nondestructive tests
    • Cathodic measurement of protections
    • Underwater barriers removal
    • Sandblasting and painting marine structures using epoxy and Denso adhesive
  • Floating operation and rescue diving
    • Floating of sunken ships and bonkers
    • Floating of jackets and marine structures
    • Floating of ships cargos