F.X. STÖHR was founded in Augsburg in the year 1938 as a family company by Mr. Franz Xaver Stöhr.
In the first decade the company activities were focussed on the development of welding and cutting tools, air guns and measuring pumps for the bottling of milk.

In the year 1947 the company developed new technologies for the liquifying of gases. This technology became a main pillar of the company.

With the know-how of the valve technology from 1970 cryostats and plants for liquified gases have been designed and manufactured in the STÖHR workshops according to the customers specifications and requirements.

Due to highest safety and qualitiy standards F.X. STÖHR became an important and reliable partner for the gas industry, nuclear engineering, for submarines and shipyards and the space technology. There is no launch of an ARIANE rocket without STÖHR valve technology.

In the year 2002 the company moved into the new production and office building at Königsbrunn.

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