Geoquip Marine is a global geotechnical business, continuously operating four offshore geotechnical drilling spreads for clients and in addition manages and operates three vessels, including two drilling vessels. Geoquip is currently involved in an innovative new project, the design, engineering and production of a highly technical deep-water drilling vessel.

Marine geotechnical engineering primarily concerns the design of foundations for overwater structures and anchorage, as well as the assessment of burial performance for pipelines, cables burial and other appraisals such as the stability of subsea slopes. Geoquip operates drilling equipment in connection with offshore oil and gas structures, offshore renewable energy installations, coastal and river infrastructures engineering and our expertise and equipment has many applications in the military, mining and petroleum industries.

Through accurate seabed data obtained using investigative and geotechnical testing techniques perfected by Geoquip over a number of years, we are able to achieve large cost savings for our clients and their projects.

We have seen an increased demand for our geotechnical services as well as our drilling and sampling techniques for mineral exploration, further to the developing interest in subsea mining.

Geoquip Marine’s drilling expertise means that the company is able to satisfy even the most highly specialised of client requirements. Recent client projects have included drilling to a few hundred metres below the seabed to detect shallow gas pockets prior to the drilling of an oil well, as well as the drilling of a hole to install instrumentation for long-term monitoring of a reservoir or structure.

Headquartered in Switzerland, we have operations in the UK and West Africa and operate on behalf of clients in the Middle East, Africa and the Far East, with drilling and geotechnical teams present in all of these locations throughout the year.

GEOQUIP Vassels and Equipment